Postpartum Project ~ Tracy’s Story

I just wanted to share a little personal tidbit with this story. I have personally witnessed Tracy during her work as a doula. I have always admired her and love the joy she brings to a room. Our town is blessed with some of the kindness and most professional doula’s and Tracy is definilty one I call friend. I want to share a image of her at work to go along with her own personal story.

Tracy’s Postpartum Story

Olivia was a preterm labor baby, bed-rest, then failed induction leading to a c/s. A horrible, horrible experience.  And part of what led me to become a doula. Started researching and knew I wanted a VBAC with Austin. Never went into the office “asking” to VBAC- just came in and said “I’m having a VBAC.” Had him via VBAC.

  An awesome experience! (Even if I was still naive) Then we had 5 of our 6 miscarriages.  In a row. Which is where God led me to become a doula.



In the middle of that mess.  Got pregnant with Isaac, his labor was unexpected.  Went into labor at 37 weeks, doula didn’t make it, had a super duper long labor, panic’d thought he had died at one point (me, not the dr’s and nurses) and was a paranoid mess the first few months of his life,  struggled with some pp depression and Isaac had colic.

Got pregnant with Eliza when he was one, easily, with out complications.  Hired a doula. Had prodromal labor for weeks. Doula went out of town (because I’d had all my babies before or on 38 weeks) and had Eliza at 39 w and 4 days after 2.5 hours of labor.  My best friend was there, it was so opposite of Isaac’s long, drawn out birth it was shocking.

However, I would say my body tells a much more in depth story.  It grew 10 babies, not just the 4 here on earth people can see.  It bears my section scar, my stretch marks from Isaac and Olivia (when I had extra fluid) how my abs separated with Isaac.

  It tells about my knee surgery and how I got into running after Isaac was born and ran through pregnancy and pp with Eliza, and how my body needed some help dealing with the extra miles. The healing journey from miscarriage in my bird tattoo.  It shows my hard work, with working out, but shows my journey with motherhood- which will never leave me. It is a fuller picture of me than just my births.



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